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Lombok may not be as famous as its neighbour Bali, the most famous resort island in Indonesia, but Lombok is certainly not to be compared to Bali as it has own uniqueness that can’t be found elsewhere. The unique blending of Islamic and Hindu cultures, mountainside landscapes, untouched white sand beaches, cool waterfalls, and scenery of Mount Rinjani can only give you a great experience and this only be found in one island – Lombok..

Unpopularity of Lombok might be an advantage for those who look for an adventure and explorer’s way of traveling and a peace and private destinations. This of course does not imply that you can’t have any comfort on this island. There are several fine hotels and resorts within tourist destinations in Lombok..

We select some hotels for your options when diving, snorkeling and surfing in Lombok.

Kuta Area Tj. An Beach, Lombok

Located on the southern shore of Lombok, these beach areas are well known with large grains sand like peppercorns. The shore displays the combination of green cultivated seasonal fields, rocky hills and pure white sandy beach.

The only star hotel in this area is Novotel Coralia Hotel Lombok, a 4-star beachside resort, manage by Accor Hotels Group. The hotel location is known as Mandalika Resort, Pantai Putri Nyale, Central Lombok, about 75 minutes drive ride from the Airport. The hotel buildings have unique architecture style of traditional Sasak village, decorated using coconut wood and natural roof material..

You can enjoy stunning sunsets on the barrier reef from beachfront restaurant and bar. The Mandara Spa offers massages, body scrubs and all kinds of spa treatments to pamper guests and rejuvenate with the aromas of Indonesian Spices and the finest essential oils. Leisure activities in this area include cycling to the hills, catamaran canoes, windsurfing, fishing, diving and surfing. Surfers can take a boat ride from Kuta fishing village to surfing spots to challenge big waves of the Indian Ocean on the southern coast of the Island..

Senggigi Area

Senggigi beach on the western shore of Lombok is the most popular beach where you can enjoy sunset with the silhouette of Bali’s Mount Agung in the distance. Tourist activities in Senggigi are livelier, with restaurants, cafes and pubs along the main road of the town of Senggigi..

Our first hotel choice is Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, a 5-star beachfront hotel, located on the prime location on Senggigi Beach and the central of Senggigi town, just around 20 minutes from the Lombok’s Selaparang Airport. The hotel has 154 guestrooms designed in low-rise wings for guests to experience the spectacular views of exotic landscape garden and stunning sunset views of the Lombok Strait of the Indian Ocean. The hotel is also close to venues for diving, snorkeling and golf..

Pool Villas Club is another option in Senggigi Beach area which offers a private villa accommodation. Villas are featured a wide range of modern facilities and services, furnished with separate living and dining areas which open onto a private terrace and direct access to swimming pool or lush tropical garden. The hotel is perfect choice for honeymooners or couples who want to have memorable romantic stay in Lombok..

For more private and luxury villa accommodation with international standard, The Oberoi Lombok is the best choice. Situated on Medana Beach and surrounded by lush tropical gardens and stunning blue ocean views, the Oberoi Lombok is a 5-star idyllic garden resort, under the management of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. The Hotel can be reached within 1 hour from the Selaparang Airport, by passing through scenic monkey forest..

The 50 well-equipped accommodation units at the Oberoi Lombok are spacious pavilions and villas designed with terrace and elevated dining bale offering un-obstructive view to the ocean. All villas are made of local materials, such as pink limestone wall, wooden flooring and traditional thatched-roof and furnished with modern amenities to ensure you utmost ease and luxury..

Sunset View from Oberoi LombokThe Oberoi Lombok has Diving Center and Beach Club with private jetty and boats to take guests to popular Gili Islands for scuba diving and snorkeling. It takes 20 minutes boat ride to the Gili Islands that are situated just across the Hotel. The other activities offered by the Hotel include windsurfing, mountain biking, deep-sea fishing and golf at nearby course. For your physical and mental well-being, you can try Oberoi Spa, managed by Banyan Tree. The Spa also has a fully equipped fitness centre; beauty salon for facials, manicure, pedicure and hair styling..

If you are in budgeted travel, Holiday Resort Lombok, a 4-star tranquil resort nestled between lush tropical mountains and pristine beaches, may suit you. Set amid 15 hectares of palm studded tropical gardens, the Holiday Resort Lombok, is situated on the Mangsit Village, slightly upper north of central Senggigi Beach and about 5 km north from Sheraton Senggigi. The Hotel provides accommodations including garden chalets, ocean view rooms, beach bungalows and family apartment. You can relax your day on an outdoor pool with pool bar, sauna, health club, and a full-service spa..

Another recommended resort around Mangsit Village is Qunci Villas, a family-friendly beach hotel. The Resort comprises 20 villas with a tasteful blending of modern architecture and traditional architectural style of Lombok and Bali. Qunci Villas is specifically designed to take full advantage of the stunning views of the Lombok Straits. The Resort provides a 15-meter beachfront swimming pool and underwater bench for enjoying the spectacular sunset views of Lombok while sipping exotic drink at Bai Bar & Grill..

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air Islands

These islands are most popular snorkeling and diving sites in Lombok. You can reach the island by motor boat from the port of Bangsal, north of Senggigi Beach, in about half an hour. The largest and furthest of the 3 gili is Gili Trawangan which provide the wide range accommodation, restaurants and pubs, and more beach activities. For a bit more privacy and serene beach, you can visit Gili Meno and Gili Air..

If you want to stay in one of gilis, Hotel Vila Ombak, a 5-star international hotel on Gili Trawangan, is a good choice. The hotel features 60 rooms with traditional inspired huts and bungalows, a seaside restaurant, a beach bar, 3-level swimming pool with pool bar, a spa and the well-known Vila Ombak Diving Academy. You can enjoy a luxurious sunbathing on hotel beach with spectacular views on the majestic Mount Rinjani on main Lombok Island..

For more relaxing atmosphere, Gili Air Hotel may be an option. The hotel is a beachfront resort on the small Gili Air Island, one of the most beautiful islands on the country, just about 5 kilometres from Lombok. The Hotel has 30 typical chalets, which are mostly situated along the seafront offering beautiful sunset views..

Click here to view all of Lombok Hotels..

Hope you enjoy your trip to Lombok and experience its tranquil and unspoilt natural beauty..

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