Island Boutique Resorts

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There are times when you want to get a luxury beach vacation. Island getaway trip sounds a perfect idea for enjoying the sun, a private sandy beach and a tranquil sea. If you want to experience of stepping out from your bedroom onto your own private beach area or staying in a small hotel with exclusive private location and being served personally, you will want to select a boutique hotel as your accommodation. Beach resorts are one of the most ideal locations for boutique hotels. No beach resort is like another, so it’s worth taking a look at locations and hotels before you decide exactly what kind of beach vacation is right for you.


The concept of boutique hotels at the top-end hotel market is in the unbeatable service, planning and detail that go into their preparation and day-to-day management. Hotels like these aren’t built overnight; they are the result of months and even years of planning, design and travel, sourcing the right materials, the right furniture and the right accessories. Discovering the elements that make up a true boutique retreat takes time, and guests benefit from the result. At a luxury boutique hotel you may find:

  • Personal 24-hour butler service
  • Fine dining
  • Private swimming pools
  • Individual villas
  • Private spa facilities
  • Private beach access

The concept put into these hotels is evident in the design and architecture of the hotel, the quality of the furnishings and fabrics and the attentiveness of the staff.


Whilst many boutique hotels fall easily into the “affordable” bracket, there are several whose sole purpose is to provide a discreet, private oasis, where your every need is met and you want for nothing. These hotels may cost more than you’re used to spending, but by the end of your stay, you’ll be working out how long it will be before you can afford to come back.


The location of boutique hotels is essential. Guests want privacy and peace and so boutique hotels are often set in acres of out-of-the-way land, on strips of secluded beach or on private islands. Serenity and tranquility with outstanding view are the hallmarks of luxury retreats, so you will find your own personal serenity in the world’s best islands like:

From private islands to olive groves as far as the eye can see, these luxury retreats allow you to relax completely and doing nothing at all if that’s how you feel.

Island Boutique Resorts

From the Bali in the Indonesia archipelago to Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, the lure of white beaches, blue seas and a laid-back atmosphere attracts visitors from all over the world. Beach boutique hotels on the islands make the most of the natural environment, using color and texture to bring the outdoors inside and creating relaxing surroundings that enable you to enjoy your beach holiday at the fullest.

The following resorts are selected island boutique resorts for your options.

eastern Bali
Creative Commons License photo credit:

amanpuri pool
Creative Commons License photo credit: erm.

Anse Source D'Argent
Creative Commons License photo credit: Fabio Calamosca

Fira Sunset
Creative Commons License photo credit: hellobobbigbunny

  • Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort, St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda

Creative Commons License photo credit: davitydave

These are just some of the chic island retreats catering for guests who are looking for privacy and tranquility within a design- and service-led hotel.

When you want to splash out and immerse yourself in luxury, island boutique hotels are the ideal places for understated opulence. The thoughtful design concept and exclusive location of boutique hotels make them so desirable for your beach vacation.


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