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Choosing a hotel that fits you best can be a challenge when you are traveling abroad or go to other cities you never visit before. You usually have to decide where to stay in advance to make sure that you have a decent place to sleep once you arrived in a foreign place..

Beach hotelAs starting point, hotel chains and hotel rating systems are good indicators to get a feeling on quality of a hotel. Despite, you can trust established hotel chains and easily pick one of well-known branded name, there are many independent hotels or smaller hotels offer good quality services and unique staying experience that the larger chains are not able to provide. Your further research on those hotels will be worth doing.


Hotel Chains

A hotel chain is known as a group of hotels under one brand operated by a management company. Many chains operate management contracts for investors (proprietor) or partnership arrangements or otherwise provide expertise in operation, construction and promotion..

The Hotel Management Company usually has certain standard according to its brand name that have to be complied by a hotel. Hence, the quality of branded hotel is guaranteed by its brand name. The well-known Hotel chains include Hilton, Sheraton of Starwood Hotels, Four Seasons, Best Western, InterContinental, etc. You can find some hotel chains at our Hotel Directory for Hotel Chains.


Hotel Rating System

The most common rating system for hotel is using star classification. It was created to standardize the level of quality of a hotel worldwide since hotel is for international market. It helps guests to expect how good a hotel is by its star. The star ranges from 1 to 5 with the higher star ratings indicating more luxury. Lately, a few of new very luxury hotels started to claim having diamond or up to seven stars for certain higher quality that never exists before. This star is determined by room number, size and conditional of room and building, room amenities, hotel facilities, the quality of service, quality of good and drink, hotel presence and efficiency of staff, safety and security, and hotel atmosphere in general.

  • One-star hotel

It offers a basic accommodation. You can’t expect anything other than the basic needs – bed, share bathroom. It is certainly the cheapest accommodation you can find. It sometimes has a good location in a city downtown or tourist areas. If location is your first priority, in limited budget and don’t mind not having en-suite facilities, you may consider one-star hotel, but it is advised to check the room first and don’t be tricked with photo if you book from Internet.

  • Two-star hotel

In this class, you may find en-suite facilities in some hotels. While other hotels may provide share shower room down the hall. Some hotels even offer a television in a room. Restaurant or dining room is usually available.

  • Three-star hotel

You will find private shower room in hotel room and other room facilities such as television, phone, mini bar, laundry service (optional) a more formal style of service along with the opportunity for room service. You can expect a swimming pool and at least one restaurant you can enjoy.

  • Four-star hotel

Four-star hotels have reached comforts with a luxury touch in room quality (spacious room, private bathroom, more room amenities), hotel facilities (more restaurants, larger swimming pool, business center, library, spa, etc) and hotel services (24-hour room service, dry cleaning service, transportation service, etc.). It is usually located in strategic location.

  • Five-star hotel

Surely is the best in room, interior, amenities, facilities, location and building. All comes with style and absolute luxury. You can enjoy an exceptional comfort of 24-hour room service, luxury amenities and facilities. You will be well served by professional and trained staff providing a perfect service..

Although, you can expect a hotel quality by its star, this hotel rating system should be treated as a general guide only since there is subjective criteria in establish the star and no definite international standardization available. This inconsistency in hotel ratings worldwide may make you book a hotel that does not meet your expectation according its star rating or your four-star hotel abroad is better than four-star hotel in your country..

It is recommended to ask trusted friends or sources who have similar tastes and are familiar with hotel in your destination city to give you a recommendation. You can also search on the Internet for hotel reviews and hotel tips from people who ever stayed in your intended hotel. When you arrive, you can always view the room before you commit to staying in it.


Please use hotel search engine to search hotel in your selected city, read hotel reviews, see photographs, availability and compare hotel rates on multiple travel websites.



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