Four Hotel Choices for Your Bunaken Diving Trip

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ClownfishBunaken is one of world’s top diving destinations, located on the north of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Bunaken Island is part of Bunaken National Marine Park which includes neighboring islands of Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen. This Park attracts scuba divers around the world and makes Bunaken well-known as paradise for divers. Bunaken and Manado, the nearest big city around the Park and a capital city of North Sulawesi Province, do not have wide selection of hotels and accommodations, especially accommodation that meets international standard, compared to other tourist city in Indonesia. In this post, I will feature four international standard hotels you may consider for your Bunaken and Manado trip..

Santika Hotel Manado, a 4-star rating waterfront hotel located about 15 minutes from town centre and 30 minutes by boat to diving sites Bunaken and Siladen Islands. This hotel has good service and provide diving package. Value for money option with pricing start from $60..

Sedona Hotel Manado, a 5-star user rating waterfront hotel, suitable for family. This quite new hotel in the area and easily accessible from town centre, about 15 minutes driving time. As like most resort hotel in Manado, the hotel provides diving trip services to Bunaken Marine Park which can be reached by boat in 30-40 minutes..

If you like staying in a villa, you can try Kima Bajo Resorts Manado. This waterfront hotel has mountainside view as well, located in mainland around 40-minutes ride from city centre (Manado)..

If you want to spend several days diving, snorkeling and doing other activities (trekking, canoing, and fishing) in Bunaken National Marine Park, you can stay on a resort within the island, such as Siladen Resort and Spa, an exclusive international resort on the Siladen Island across from Bunaken. This 5-star villa hotel is located on a stretch of white coral beach on the secluded western side of the Island facing the Manado Tua Vulcano. The rate starts from $160 and only 15 villas available..

Considering the boat costs to travel from Manado to the diving sites, staying in the island may save your time and money. Combining two hotels for your whole trip such as a hotel in the mainland (Manado area) and a hotel in Bunaken Marine Park, can be a wise plan. So, you can explore Manado city and beyond by taking adventurous tours to Mahawu Volcano, Tangkoko Nature Reserve, and Minahasa Highlands or diving in Lembeh Strait..

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