Advantages of Bed And Breakfast Over Hotel Chain for Budget Travelers

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bedbreakfastTravelers tend to choose well-known hotel chains for easy and no-risk pick, although most budget hotel chains have no personality and do nothing more than provide a place to sleep for their guests. In fact, there is another great accommodation option for budget travelers to enjoy their trip which is by selecting Bed and Breakfast inns. Besides focusing on each individual guest, there are several advantages of Bed and Breakfast Inns over regular hotels:

Feel at Home

Bed and Breakfast Inns mostly have a limited number of rooms to rent out and are managed by the owner. However, each room has a lot of personality and is generally decorated in an elegant at-home way and focuses on the comfort of guests. At a Bed and Breakfast, you certainly won’t encounter the generic rooms of regular hotels and you will feel at home.

Great Food

As the name suggests the daily rate of a Bed and Breakfast stay will certainly include the first meal of the day. While a Continental breakfast is frequently included in chain hotel rates the breakfast at a Bed and Breakfast is always of a significantly higher quality. This is because innkeepers take pride in serving well balanced and tasty meals allowing guests to enjoy every aspect of their stay. Although every Bed and Breakfast is different, you can generally expect a full breakfast of meat and eggs with fresh baked breads, muffins, fresh squeezed juice and fruit.

Cost Effective

For budget travelers, saving expenses on accommodation is essential. Bed and Breakfast Inns really are cost-effective when you consider the entire price of the stay. For example, a Bed and Breakfast may charge what seems like expensive nightly fees, but everything is basically included from local phone calls to movies, and concierge services to parking. Just these extras at a hotel can add $100 or more to your daily bill. So, in the overall, a Bed and Breakfast will probably save you money and you will be more comfortable and relaxed at the same time.

So, you may want to choose Bed and Breakfast accommodation next time you travel.


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  • Alicia

    January 14, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    I am an economical traveler so most of my trips consider bed and breakfast inns. I believe that staying a luxurious hotel is just a waste of money on the part of traveler. I’d rather spend it on something more important. Prioritizing is really very important.

  • Doyle

    February 20, 2013 at 4:04 am

    “Advantages of Bed And Breakfast Over Hotel Chain
    for Budget Travelers | Easy Hotel Selection Articles” was indeed certainly pleasurable and enlightening!
    In the present day world that is difficult to achieve.

    Thx, Darren

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